NRA New Gun Owner Safety /Basic Pistol Class

NRA New Gun Owner Safety Seminar/Class

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Course is 4 hours long.  The first 2 hours are classroom and the last 2 hours are live fire range time.
 Fee:  $140.00 + .65 = $140.65
Learn what to expect and what is needed for your first firearms purchase, your first trip to the range, and how to progress forward with different live-fire training opportunities within the firearms community. This course highlights the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential for selecting, safely handling, storing and cleaning a firearm. This interactive class is about 2 hours in length and is a great introduction to the important aspects of owning a firearm.

Topics include:

  • Gun Safety
  • Gun Storage
  • Types of Firearms and Their Parts
  • Magazines, Ammunition and Sights
  • What to Expect on the Range
  • What You Need at the Range
  • Cleaning Your Gun
  • NRA Training Courses
  • and more
After this part of the courseroom you will recieve a NRA certificate of completion at the end of the classroom portion.


FireArms Safety Training group is providing for all participants for the next two hours: 

SIRT GUNS that will be provide during dry fire to help with the fundamentals, these SIRT guns help because it projects a red dots out after pulling the trigger to let you know where the shot would have hit the target.  Gives everyone the chance to work on their sight alignment and trigger control without the recoil.

For Live Fire Range Time: 

*  Ruger 22/45 semi-automatic pistols

*  Smith & Wesson 586 revolvers

*  Smith & Wesson M & P 9mm or Glock 17 9mm

*  All ammunition during the training on the range

*  Targets

*  Informational Paperwork

*  Hearing and Eye Protection

F.A.S.T Cancellation Policy:

  1.  There are NO REFUNDS.
  2. If NO show a Rescheduling fee of $25 paid upfront.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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