Defensive Shotgun 2


12 Spots Available

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A stand alone course that supplements Defensive Shotgun 1 but does not require
a pre-requisite. Training starts with core skills to employ the shotgun in a home defense situation. New
drills are introduced that include multiple targets, shoot no-shoot exercises, use of cover, kneeling fire
and more. The course concludes with a realistic exercise that involves movement in four directions with
use of cover and reloading skills. The curriculum presented in this class is designed for the average home
owner and does not require a specialized shotgun or equipment.


SHOOT & SCOOT – A new drill that combines initial load, movement, reload and cognitive shot placement into a single course of fire. The drill is designed to replicate moving to new positions as a gunfight evolves. Shooters have to place the correct number of shots on a corresponding target at each station and can reload when they want; all while the clock keeps running.
FRIEND OR FOE – Target discrimination drill that requires the shooter to think for each presentation- shoot, don’t shoot or hold & cover with the shotgun. Each iteration has a different challenge. The drill mimics a variety of possible lethal encounters.
BI-LATERAL SHOULDER TRANSFER – What happens when available cover or concealment forces you to shoot from your non-primary shoulder. This drill teaches a safe and effect method to transfer from dominant to support side shoulder and engage targets from either side.
BARRICADE GRID OF FIRE– A course confirmation exercises where shooter move forwards, to the rear, left and right using barricades at each of six stations while engaging targets with either shoulder. The course imitates moving through a central hallway, using doorways on either side for cover


Student Packing List:
 Eye & Ear Protection
 Semi-Auto or Pump Shotgun [Optics are OK – No Race Guns]
Spare Ammo Carrier on Shotgun is OK/ Belt Clip Ammo Carrier is OK
No Tactic-Cool or 3 Gun Gear
 Ammo Count: 150 rds birdshot
 Range Attire – Dress for the Weather
 Lunch, Snacks, Drinks – We Will Eat on Site

✓ Engage Side & Rear Facing Targets
✓ Engage Multiple Targets
✓ Perform Realistic Combat Reloads
✓ Shoot from Behind Cover
✓ Shoot from Support Side
✓ Shoot from Kneeling Cover
✓ Move & Shoot Drills


  • Cancellations made 30 days in advance of the course date receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations made between 20-30 days in advance of the course date may receive a refund minus $65 administration fee.
  • Students who fail to show or call on the course start date are considered to have forfeited their tuition.
  • Safety is paramount. Any student showing egregious unsafe gun handling, repeated dangerous acts, deliberate disregard to range commands or creating a disruptive environment may be required to complete the course with an empty firearm or required to leave without refund or recourse.
  • Students arriving without proper essential equipment may be required to postpone to a future course when they have the gear with them.


This event is fully booked.

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