Cost:  $55.00

This CCW Concealed Carry Renewal course is a 3hour course designed to satisfy requirements set forth by the State of Illinois, to allow an individual to apply for a Renewal Concealed Carry License (CCL).

The course combines classroom and range use.

The curriculum offered during this course has been certified by the State of lllinois, and the instruction will be delivered by all primary instructors that have been certified by the State of Illinois as both CCL instructors and Certified NRA instructors and Master RO’s

What to Bring:

  1. State of Illinois ID and Valid FOID Card
  2. Weather Appropriate Attire
  3. Pistol
  4. Pistol Holster for Outside the Belt (No Inside the Belt)
  5. Magazines – 2 would be nice
  6. 50 rounds of Ammo
  7. Eye & Ear Protection

Below is the curriculum for the class:

State & Federal Laws—Ownership, storage, carry and transportation

  1.   Act in its entirety
  2.   430 ILCS 66/10(H) (interaction with a law enforcement official)

                             Ii.  430 ILCS 66/56 (prohibited areas and parking lot exemption)

  1.   FOID Act ILCS 65/1
  2.   ILCS sections
  3.   720 ILCS 5/7-1 Use of Force in Defense of a person

                             Ii.  720 ILCS 5/7-2  Use of Force in Defense of dwelling

                             Iii.  720 ILCS 5/7-3  Use of Force in Defense of other property

                             Iv.  720 ILCS 24/1 Unlawful Use of Weapons

Weapons Handling  

  1.   Dry fire practice drill, handgun fundamentals
  2.   Dry fire practice drill from concealment
  3.   Live fire practice drills, handgun fundamentals
  4.   Live fire qualification with a concealable firearm (B-27 silhouette target)
  5.   10 rounds 5 yds.

             10 rounds 7 yards

             10 rounds 10 yards

Upon completion of the concealed carry renewal course, students will have to complete a CCW permit Application on the Illinois State Police Website.  The fee for your concealed carry renewal license is $153.38.

F.A.S.T Cancellation Policy:

  1.  There are NO REFUNDS.
  2. If NO show a Rescheduling fee of $25 paid upfront.

If you need help with maneuvering the State Police website … Christina Darnall does help complete and send in application for $20.00 additional to the $153.38



Available Spaces: 10

For a 07/18---3 hour class


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