Combat Applied Marksmanship


Class size:  12 students

During the stress of a lethal encounter your shot group with become several magnitudes larger than your best day on the range. This half day course is designed to refocus on marksmanship skills and movement under controlled range conditions. The drills and methods presented originate directly from tier one special operations training. Scoring is personal best standards to encourage student growth and learning. Several courses of fire are on steel target with indeterminant rounds needed to finish determined by the shooter’s proficiency. The methods presented apply to both conceal carry and home defense pistol use. Core topics:

  • Understanding the wobble zone effect
  • Determine maximum effective engagement distance
  • Shooting drills for acceptable sight picture & trigger control
  • Multiple shot shooting engagement
  • Shooting drills with short movements replicating bystander interference
  • Final course of fire involving accuracy, movement, multiple targets and cognitive skills

Packing List:

  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Pistol Revolver [No derringers, micro-revolvers, pocket autos]
  • 2 Magazines or speed loaders recommended
  • Holster [recommend for holding pistol when not on line]
  • Ammo- 200 rds minimum/ 250 recommended


  • Cancellations made 30 days in advance of the course date receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations made between 20-30 days in advance of the course date may receive a refund minus $65 administration fee.
  • Students who fail to show or call on the course start date are considered to have forfeited their tuition.
  • Safety is paramount. Any student showing egregious unsafe gun handling, repeated dangerous acts, deliberate disregard to range commands or creating a disruptive environment may be required to complete the course with an empty firearm or required to leave without refund or recourse.
  • Students arriving without proper essential equipment may be required to postpone to a future course when they have the gear with them.


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