Beginner Basic Pistol Class


Fee:  $140.00 + .65 = $140.65

This is a Beginner pistol class for handgun owners or those looking to learn more handgun safety, fundamentals and handgun handling.

It is a 4 hours class.

In this class you will learn in depth:

*  Safety – Locks and safety devices

*  Storage – Children, storage devices

*  Transportation

*  The class will explain the differences between:  target handguns, revolvers and semi-automatics

*  Loading and Unloading

*  Ammunition – Differences between target and home protection

*  Fundamentals of Marksmanship

*  Aiming,  Breath Control,  Hold Control,  Trigger Control and Follow Through

*  NPA (Natural Point of Aim) & Arc of Movement

*  Eye Dominance

*  Selecting a Handgun

*  Price, Use, Ammunition, Fit, Recoil, Reliability, Warranty, Size/Weight

*Maintenance and Cleaning

This class will stress firearms safety.  All participants will shoot three different handguns will all ammo provided.  All instructions are taught by Certified NRA Instructors and ISP Certified Instructors.

Class participants can wear a face mask during class if they wish but instructors will not be able while teaching.

FireArms Safety Training group is providing for all participants: 

*  Ruger 22/45 semi-automatic pistols

*  Smith & Wesson 586 revolvers

*  Smith & Wesson M & P 9mm or Glock 17 9mm

*  All ammunition during the training on the range

*  Targets

*  Informational Paperwork

*  Hearing and Eye Protection


This event is fully booked.

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