Advanced Concealed Carry Skills – Vehicle Tactics

Advanced Concealed Carry Skills – Vehicle Tactics


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Course Description: 

The incidents of a car jackings, mob action and attacks on drivers has increased during recent times. The average American spends approximately an hour per day behind the wheel. This course provides the concealed carry user with a set of proven tactics and strategies to overcome an attack while in your vehicle. The class begins with the fundamentals of drawing from holster in a seated position. Training progresses into live fire drills- shooting while seated in an actual vehicle. Trainees will shoot through the windshield to test the effectiveness of the daily carry
ammo. Additional training involves near-far threats, passenger and driver side attacks and a pragmatic confirmation

✓ Pistol [no micro pistols]
✓ Dominant Side Holster
✓ Spare Magazines
✓ Eye & Ear Protection
✓ Ammo Count: 100 rounds [minimum]
+ 1 round of carry ammo
✓ Lunch – We Will Eat on Site

✓ Safely Draw from Holster While Seated
✓ Engage Target Through Windshield
✓ Understand Bullet Deflection Thru Glass
✓ Engage Target On Driver Side
✓ Engage Target on Passenger Side
✓ Evacuate Passenger


  • Cancellations made 30 days in advance of the course date receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations made between 20-30 days in advance of the course date may receive a refund minus $65 administration fee.
  • Students who fail to show or call on the course start date are considered to have forfeited their tuition.
  • Safety is paramount. Any student showing egregious unsafe gun handling, repeated dangerous acts, deliberate disregard to range commands or creating a disruptive environment may be required to complete the course with an empty firearm or required to leave without refund or recourse.
  • Students arriving without proper essential equipment may be required to postpone to a future course when they have the gear with them.




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