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  • START: July 9, 2022, 7:00 am ENDED: July 9, 2022, 7:00 pm
  • Darnall's Gun Works & Ranges

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NRA Youth Camp  --  It has turned into a one day camp

July 9th, 2022

Cost 55.00+1.65= $56.65

Camp check in :  7:00 am on Saturday 9th, 2022...............DETAILS WILL BE EMAILED ONCE SIGNED UP

Camp Information
Who May Participate

• Youth must be 8-16 years of age and have the physical size to safely handle a youth
model 20 gauge shotgun to fire at least one round.
• Currently there is no limit to the number of years a youth can attend camp, however
any youth over 16 years old will be a Jr. Staffer as they no longer qualify to be a camper.
• Youth must be able to be away from home overnight in a tent alone or with a camping
buddy. If your child can- not do this a parent is required to stay the night with their child. (A
good night sleep is imperative for all camp- ers and volunteers). If your child has problems the
first night a parent will be called.

Registration Details
• The cost of the camp is $150 and includes all meals, shooting costs, equipment,
entertainment and is limited to 100 participants.
• Camp fees are non-refundable except in case of an emergency (Injury, hospitalization,
family death). Food and Ammo are purchased based on the number of campers.
• No Refunds will be considered for any reason after June 17, 2022.
Limited scholarships are available to any youth who cannot afford the registration fee with proof
of financial need (WIC, Link Card, School free lunch program, etc.).
Registration Requirements:
(Print, Fill Out and Mail all required forms)
• Fill out “Camper Registration Form”
• Fill out Health History Form
• Fill out “Camper Photo Release/ Darnall Gun Range Participation Shooting release”
• Mail all above forms to address on Camper Registration Form
• Make payment online to reserve spot
• Failure to do any of this will forfeit your spot (Must pay online and mail all
completed forms)
• Fill out “Volunteer Registration Form”
• Fill out “Volunteer Photo Release/ Darnall Gun Range Participation Shooting release”
• Mail all above forms to address on Volunteer Registration Form


Camp Rules:
* NO Cellphones or other electronics (There is a phone available for emergencies). We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
* No parent will pick up a child from camp without making prior arrangements or notifying camp staff.
* All guns and archery equipment must be checked in upon arrival. No camper is to keep any firearm or bow in their tents.
* Gun/Archery equipment will be kept in gun vault and only used during classes.
* No ammunition or arrows should be brought to camp. This will be provided to campers.
* NO knives of any kind are allowed and will be confiscated!
* Campers caught destroying property will be sent home.
* No money is necessary for camp unless additional eye or ear protection needs to be purchased.
* Alcohol, Cigarettes, Vapes and Drugs are prohibited at camp. Any campers caught with any of these will have their parents called and asked to leave camp.
* Any camper caught in another campers tent without permission or stealing from another camper will have their parents called and asked to leave camp.
What To Bring To Camp:
Please put names on everything. Items of value should be left at home as Darnall’s is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Please send the appropriate amount of clothing keeping in mind that your child will get dirty, wet, sweaty, and smelly.
• Jeans
• Shorts
• T-shirts (nothing offensive)
• Sweatshirt or Jacket
• Sturdy Shoes or Tennis shoes (Can have sandals for showers and evening activities only)
• Pajamas and other personal clothing items (underwear, socks, etc.).
• Boots and/or Water shoes for Creek (your child will get their feet wet).
• Towels, washcloth, soap
• Shampoo
• Toothpaste, Toothbrush
• Deodorant-PLEASE
• Sleeping Bag or Blankets
• Pillow
• Flashlight
• Tent
• Plastic for under tent
• Cot or Air Mattress
• Insect Repellant
Prepare for Rain and Mud:
• Extra pair of Shoes
• Raincoat or Poncho
Required Safety Equipment:
• Ear and Eye protection - Required to Shoot!
• Recommend 2 sets of shooting glasses and 2 sets of ear plugs or shooting muffs.
Not Allowed at Camp:
• No halter tops or spaghetti straps. T-Shirts must cover mid part of body and cannot have holes, sleeves torn off or ripped off.
• No altering camp T-shirts
• Do not bring or use hair spray while at camp as it attracts insects

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